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Australian Artist - GAYLE RUSSELL

Gayle is an outstanding naturally gifted artist, who is multi talented in all painting mediums.  Noted for realistic wildlife artwork in water colour and oil, along with sensational pointillism works in oil and acrylic of gardens and more, absolutely breathtaking underwater scenes and flowers painted on silk, as well as beautifully executed pastels in a variety of subject matter.

Gayle has also added to her repertoire a collection of exceptional contemporary abstract art.

In the tradition of most great artists, Gayle's art is evolving - and includes many works of pure colour and delight.  She says of colour - we can not live without colour.  Colour influences the way we feel, makes us happy, invigorated, sensual, subdued or relaxed.  Colour is appropriate for different ares of living and assists healing of our hearts and minds, and along with the exceptional visual aspect of beautiful art - creates unsurpassed beauty and happiness.

One of Australia's leading artists, Gayle has exhibited overseas and regularly at major exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne with exceptional sales along side great artists including the late Pro Hart, John Vander, Werner Filipitch, Kevin Best, Max Mannix and others noted as the group of "Kevin Hill's Top 10 Australian Artists.  Gayle is represented in two "Top Ten" Australian Artists limited edition books published by K & C Agencies, Sydney.

Gayle has a growing selection of "Giclee" reproductions, on archival paper or canvas, each signed and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. 

Also depicting Gayle's artwork is a wide range of self published "Greeting Cards".

The Australian Wildlife Fund featured Gayle's artwork on two of their $10 collector edition stamps including the 10th Anniversary edition.

A children's book of poetry, both written and illustrated by Gayle will be soon published.

The Australian airline, Ansett, promoted Gayle's talents with an extensive story (Inflight Magazine) on her art and gallery, then in Victoria.

Gayle, was guest artist in the "Artists Palette" magazine (2004) and a great "how to paint" watercolour/gouache article was featured along with an article on Gayle and her art beginnings.

Gayle has always been creative and considers her exceptional talents as "a gift" - as she has never had any formal art training.  Very early on in her career she considered this a disadvantage until realising that many of the greatest artists are self taught or have a 'natural gift' and with this in mind says...."The mark of a good artist is to paint well what they are taught - the mark of a great artist is to have the gift of be able to paint anything!"

She is able to paint just about anything and has perfected most mediums, including watercolour, oil, acrylic and pastel, as well as painting on silk.  When questioned as to which is her favorite painting subject and medium, she responds immediately with 'all of it!' - just love it all!  She never has a dull moment - always creating - always working at what she is exceptionally good at.  Her mind very rarely rests!

Her large home studio is set up so that she can access any painting materials she desires - so that creative inspiration can be effected without delay - even so, finds herself gravitating to the family dining table probably because the nearness of her very supportive husband and little boy are comforting - adding further inspiration to her creativity, painting from her heart and happiness.

Gayle's artistic talents were obvious from a very early age - and won a competition (which she entered herself into) at around the age of 7 with a lovely life-like pen and ink drawing of her father and, as a child, often exercised her artistic talents onto the plaster walls of her home (with pencil, behind the curtains!) or etched her masterpieces into the French polished furnishings - with a nail!

Gayle has many major awards to her credit, achieving great accolade for her outstanding artworks over many years as a professional artist.

Gayle's works of art are much sought after both Australia wide and Internationally, in collections in England, Japan, Canada, Germany, India, New Zealand, Dubai, America and Spain.

Often she is asked by very young aspiring artists (and not so young!), how do you become a successful artist - well, apart from the obvious diligence and professionalism required - she says it is important to focus on what you do, perfecting your own style and most of all 'paint very well the subject/s you choose and paint for your self'.  Have no expectations of selling your work, but knowing when you do, it is a bonus, but also knowing you made the purchaser very happy.

Having now moved to Western Australia, has opened a new chapter in Gayles art world.

Now WA local and visiting collectors or first time buyers of fine investment art, will have the opportunity to purchase an original or a Giclee reproduction by Gayle Russell.

You can contact Gayle for information about her artwork, phone 0401 885 518


Any art, well executed and presented, is timeless and is not only a gift of joy but a great investment in life.                      (c) Gayle Russell 2012

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